5 Great Pumpkin Carving Tutorials


Have you been to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out your pumpkin yet? Visited our pumpkin stencil search to find the perfect carving pattern? Once you’ve completed those essential steps, you’ll want to get carving. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together a list of pumpkin carving tutorials to get you started. Take a look at these how-to instructions from the pros, and your pumpkin will be more than ready for the big day!

  1. Pumpkin Lady

    The Pumpkin Lady offers a series of videos that takes you through the pumpkin carving process step-by-step and covers everything from picking the perfect pumpkin to advanced shading techniques.

  2. Zombie Pumpkins

    Zombie Pumpkins has some great pumpkin carving tips, and even provide a printable version you can take to your pumpkin carving party!

  3. Stoneykins

    Stoneykins offers several tutorials and a forum for all your questions too!

  4. Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils

    How to videos, including one demonstrating the process of Tracing and carving a pumpkin stencil using power tools, using a dremel like tool.

  5. Pumpkin Glow

    Pumpkin Glow covers the basics in their How To Carve Pumpkins tutorial.

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